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Choosing the right company is the hardest part about solving a conflict with nature! Rest assured that our experts are ready to solve your problem in the fastest most economical way possible with option to fit any project budget.

Let us help you make the right choice!

Step 1: Identify the Problem 

  • Our experts can often diagnose the problem during the our approach to your front door due to our unique level of expertise, we then confirm the initial diagnosis during our inspection. 

  • This typically starts with a series of questions about the problem, Where you hear the activity, What time of day, How long has this been going on, ect. 

  • The technician assigned to your project will then complete a thorough inspection of the property, usually starting outside. This typically includes attic, crawlspace, roof, a/c closet, appliances, exterior walls/fixtures, but may include any portion of interior or exterior home features.​

Step 2: Create a  List of Recommended Services

  • During the initial inspection your technician will compile a list of all Active and Potential entry areas. This is a crucial process to not only address your current conflict but prevent future problems as well. Keep in mind some companies may only recommend repairs on the active entry area in hopes of winning your confidence with a much lower estimate. This is often followed up later with a much larger estimate or designed to prompt repeat business from you the problem quickly returns.
  • Recommended services will include any items that are most often breeched by animals in the area. This is a key step that only the best companies can properly complete due to years of extensive experience.
  • Common repairs include Roof/Wall vents, Eve gaps, Electrical or Plumbing breeches, and various gaps left by Builders and Sub-contractors. 
  • Humane trapping recommendations will be listed to solve your conflict in the most economically effective manner.
  • Bio-Remediation options to remove scent attractants and biological debris will be measured and listed in accordance with the needs of the project. This is another area where our expertise plays a vital role in providing a safe, effective and long term solution to your problem. This step if often not understood by other companies which often results in leaving dangerous debris that posing severe health risk to both humans and pets.
  • Additional recommendations will often be noted for the client to complete regularly in an effort to minimize risk of re-entry or additional problems later. These typically include; keeping trees and shrubs 4-6 feet away from Roof/Soffit, Cleaning dryer vents, habitat modification to reduce exterior food sources or nesting areas, or other structural modification suggestions.  

Step 3: Develop an Action Plan

  • Your Technician will explain the projects findings and outline the best plan of action to solve your problem FOREVER!.
  • Often the technician will personally show you in person or by photo items that need to be repaired in an effort to help you make the most informed choice. 
  • All of our service agreements are written specifically so you may pick and choose what services you want us to  perform. These services are often grouped by your technician into packages most often selected by previous clients to simplify the decision process for you. Most companies still use block pricing that explains nothing to the client about what repairs will be done, which renders the warranty they gave you, worthless!
  • This is a perfect time to ask any questions you might have. What we do is not rocket science, its our attention to detail that allows us to lead the industry in service. We would be glad to explain the basics on repairs to you during our evaluation if you wish to complete any of the services yourself. Try asking a competitor to do that for you! 

Step 4: Relax, Knowing Eco Animal Extractors Solved The Problem FOREVER!

Solving Wildlife Problems Forever is Tough Work, Here is How We Do It!