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  • Q: What damage can be caused by having an animal inside my attic?

 A: TONS! Keep in mind nesting and chewing will pose great risk of severe fire and/or water damage.

  • Q: What discounts do you offer? 

A: Our service discounts vary but typically we offer a 15% senior discount or a higher 25% discount to military thanks to our founder's and employee's  varied military backgrounds.  

  • Q: What do you do with the animals you capture?

A: This question is typically responded to in person with a witty joke but in reality we release all healthy animals back into the wild as far away from people as local laws allow. 

  • Q: Do you rescue animals?

 A: We are huge advocates that both donate and support local and global wildlife protection and rehabilitation. We also encourage others to do the same by sponsoring a dollar for dollar donation matching service during our events.

  • Q: I was told that trapping is not needed if someone just uses a one way door or valve style trap.

A: This is a major mistake that is often used by a handyman, novice company or those who work by repeat business only. The truth is simple, imagine that you left for work one morning and returned home to a barricade on your front door wouldn't you just find or make another entrance? So would an animal, especially if they have young inside.

  • Q: Will my insurance pay for damage?

A: All policies vary, but typically vermin and their damage is Excluded. Insurance companies like to use this to exclude all animals, but our professionals can explain how to read through these tricks to get what you deserve.

  • Q: Another company offered to provide all services at no cost and even compensate me for my hassle if I signed a "power of attorney" for them to deal directly with my insurance company.

A: We hear about this business practice often from competing companies. I can assure you this is not the type of business we would ever engage in and please be cautious of this. As the old saying goes "

  • Q: Can my family catch rabies without getting bitten?

A: Absolutely! The rabies virus can be transmitted by any contact with bodily fluids of an infected animal. This includes something as simple as being scratched by a wild animal, which may go unnoticed.

  • Q: How many people die from rabies infection?

A: All of them! If symptoms set in, the virus has already infected ones nervous system which cannot be reversed. Luckily the incubation period for the rabies virus is several weeks or even months before this happens which is why the rabies vaccine may be effectively given weeks after possible infection. 

  • Q: How much does it cost to remove the animal in my attic?

 A: Although this is the most commonly asked question we have no simple answer without first doing a thorough evaluation of the property to properly determine the species involved and cause.

  • Q: Is Eco Animal Extractors just another franchise or lead generating company?

A: Absolutely not! In fact, this is the very reason of our existence! After years in both the construction and pest control trades our founders realized how rare it is to find a company who can personally do it all and truly stand behind their work instead of hiding behind franchise names, sub contractors and fake companies.  

  • Q: Are you BBB "Better Business Bureau" accredited?

A: The BBB is the most popular of all the rank marketing companies out there. The truth is that any company willing to pay the BBB fees for each location can be accredited with little to no verification whatsoever. Our goal in service is to lead by example and offer the most cost effective solutions available. To do this we must spend our marketing dollars carefully to keep costs down for our clients. It is these same reasons that you will not see our name on every page of every directory available. 

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